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It really works
(Consumer Magazine Sept 2010)


Affordable, Eco-Friendly Active, Solar Heating

"Enough solar energy lands on every section/lot in the country
to provide many times the energy needs of a typical home

RT 2010

This How It Works

The DSHH (Digital Self-Heating Home) system is an ACTIVE SOLAR UNDERFLOOR heating system that captures the FREE SOLAR ENERGY - Year Round!  It intelligently stores and distributes the heat as required using a custom designed digital controller, and a balanced hydronic heat transfer system. This is all at a reasonable cost to implement.



  • Free Heat for life
  • Huge Eco-Friendly/Green featuresDSHH-LCD-Screen all icons visible
  • 100% home heating achievable
  • Improved Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • Automated Systems Operations, low maint.
  • High Quality components (i.e. Wilo, Honeywell)
  • 1:1 Foot print, low cost, thermal storage system
  • Large Graphical LCD on controller operational screen
  • Huge Carbon offset, and long term energy savings
  • Solar Energy is Free and Untaxed once installed
  • Stops the clock on ever escalating energy costs presently rising at 100%/10yrs

Be a part of the solution, while you help save the planet

OPTIONS: You can include such options as: Solar Hot Water, Wetback Heat, Pool Heat etc.

Browse our Web site for more information about Digital Self-Heating Home. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Digital Self-Heating Home representative regarding our [PRODUCTS / SERVICES], please e-mail us at info@dshh.info or call us at +64-9-815-6664.

At Digital Self-Heating Home, the customer always comes first. 

DSHH going on in Alexandra DSHH-Whitby + PV

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